Zarine khan hot Pics-Bikini-Scene-Kiss-Biography

Zarine khan hot Pics-Bikini-Scene-Kiss-Biography

zarine khan bikini

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Actress Zarine Khan Biography :


bollywood hot actress “Zarine Khan” born 14th May 1984 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India is an indian celebrity & Model who seems to be in Bollywood movies.Zarine Khan started her performing truly with the movie “Veer”, featuring “Salman Khan”.
Zarine Khan Early days :
Zarine Khan was Born to a Islamic Pathan Family in Mumbai. When Zarine Khan was in college and Zarine Khan weighed almost 100 kgs. Although she had never organized to be Model, Zarine Khan started to focus on reducing body weight & getting into shape. Zarine Khan gave up sweets and started going to the gym, eventually dropping a large amount OFR weight. Zarine Khan was compelled to give up her education and learning while in College & begin working due to the financial problems of her family. With no valuable skills to depend on, Zarine Khan tried her hand at modelling. Zarine Khan did quite a 5 small projects that fetched her enough money to run the house.
Zarine Khan Movie Creer :
Zarine Khan obtained her Entry into performing when Zarine Khan was viewing the set of Yuvraaj at Subhash Ghai’s movie school Whistling Woods. Salman Khan observed her & made the decision to throw her for his movie “Veer” because “Zarine Khan looks the personality the lovely queen she is playing in Veer”. After a screen test, Khan was verified for the part of Princess Yashodhara. Zarine Khan obtained eight Kilos in order to be more effective as a 19th century princess.

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